Who are you surrounding yourself with?

Have you ever considered that the people you surround yourself with are holding you back? That maybe the voices you hear on a daily basis are not the ones you need to hear to encourage you, support you, inspire you and push you?

Property investing can be overwhelming and complicated at the best of times. When starting out on this journey it’s so important to surround yourself with people who support your dreams, encourage you to go after what you want and motivate you along the way. Over time you’ll also build a team of experts who will be instrumental in helping you to build your property portfolio.  

As important as it is to surround yourself with people who will help you achieve your financial goals, it’s just as important to distance yourself from those who tell you that what you want to do is crazy! If you know someone who is already a millionaire, owns more than 5 investment properties, is a financial expert in the field of investing or has published a book on how to build a property portfolio, then definitely sit down and absorb everything they have to say! But if they aren’t (and chances are they won’t be), listen to what they have to say, take their opinion on board and politely say “thanks for your feedback, I’ll take that on board”!

You’ll need to be very disciplined to not let the thoughts and opinions of others distract you, because you WILL get them, they WILL creep into your mind and you WILL start to doubt your ability to build a property portfolio.

Expand your circle of people and know that every new person you meet has the potential to contribute to your property portfolio in some way. Whether that be through a referral, gaining an understanding of something new, or by simply being motivated by their outstanding success!

So take a look at your inner circle. Look at the 5 people you most spend time with because you ARE the average of these 5 people. When you choose to spend time with driven, positive, like-minded people, it’s pretty hard to not be influenced by them.

Allow yourself the opportunity to create your financial success by surrounding yourself with the right people at the right time.


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