Knowledge Gives You Power

When you know more, you can do more.

Nobody starts anything new with all of the knowledge that they need to succeed. Gaining knowledge, valuable knowledge, takes time and consistent effort. But what I know for sure is that if you invest in your learning as much as you invest in your job, your family and your social life, then you will gain the information, tools and systems to succeed. The process of learning is absolutely crucial to your development and transition into becoming a property investor.

More importantly, applying this knowledge is where your true power lies. All the knowledge in the world won’t make any difference at all if you don’t actually do something with it.

Without doubt, I know more now that I did 5 years ago, 2 years ago, 12 months ago and even more than I knew 2 months ago. And that’s because I am constantly learning … both through knowledge gained and from personal experience. I am always absorbing information everywhere I go. It may not be relevant at the time, or even relevant to property investing, but I know that learning something new every day is going to serve me very well in the future.

You can learn and gain new knowledge in so many different ways. Try doing some of these things on a regular basis to start expanding your mind:

1. Read books
I used to love reading in school but as I moved into adulthood and started working, reading was the last thing on my mind. It didn’t interest me for a very long time. But when I started on my property investing journey I began to read again because that was the only way (at the time) I was going to learn as much as I could about the industry and how to invest successfully. And now there aren’t enough hours in the day for me to read all of the books that I want to read! Every book that I own now is based on personal development, self help, inspiration, property investing and biographies of successful entrepreneurs.

2. Browse through magazines
There are so many magazines available now that specifically target property investing. In the past I have subscribed to and purchased many property magazines to simply find out what other people were doing and how they were doing it. I would tear out articles that resonated with me so that I could refer back to them later, and I would always read the success stories featured in every issue as they were people on the same journey as me, just further along the road. Magazines are a great place to start gaining knowledge.

3. Listen to podcasts
A great way to learn on the go. We always have our smart phone with us wherever we are, so why not make better use of your time and tune in to podcasts about property investing. Plug your headphones in whilst walking, running, commuting on public transport, driving, washing the dishes, vacuuming and even whilst the kids are at the park (just go with one ear plug in the park!). Podcasts can be accessed in a couple of different ways:
– through the iTunes store(for Apple users)
– through the Podcast app (for Apple users
– through Stitcher Radio (for Android users)

4. Read online blogs
There are so many property blogs on the internet now that you’ll never fall short of something to read.
Simply type ‘property investing blog’ into your search engine or check out this link that lists 12 of the best property blogs worth reading –

5. Attend seminars and workshops
There are so many different types of seminars and workshops held throughout Australia all the time. Pick one, register your attendance and make sure you go. Sit down, write notes and absorb as much information as you can. I still remember my first 1-day property workshop in Melbourne. It was this day that I made a decision to start taking action. I had thought about investing for so long but I was tired of just thinking. I needed to start acting on my thoughts and actually doing the work. I still attend as many seminars as possible.

6. Network with other property investors
What better way to learn and gain knowledge than spending time with other property investors. Listening is a skill that you need to fine tune and become very good at. You will start to hear more, retain more and know more. And as I said, when you know more you can do more. Listen to everything and start to recognise what resonates most with you. You will find that you’re drawn to certain aspects of property investing more than others and you’ll start hearing yourself say “I want to do things that way” or “that’s not what I want my portfolio to look like”. This could be the cheapest way to arm yourself with valuable information!

Choose a learning method that suits you best. If you hate reading, don’t read! Listen to audio books instead. Whichever learning method you choose, enjoy the process and know that with more knowledge, you have more power to take action.


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