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Alicia is driven and committed to her success and the success of others. She is determined and passionate about financial freedom and independence.

Inspired to try new things and motivated to mentor others, Alicia loves sharing how to create a life by design through succeeding with planning and financial management. She strives for excellence for herself and her clients to achieve the successful work/life balance that we all desire. She is breaking the mould and leading the way to achieve financial independence.

Alicia has been investing in property for 7 years and has worked as a corporate insurance broker for 15 years. In her own success she has been hands on in all aspects of her property portfolio from negotiating through to development applications and dealing with builders. As part of this journey Alicia has invested in herself and her education by working with several property and personal development coaches to learn from the best and implement personal excellence.

Alicia’s journey through the cut throat corporate world, into motherhood, up and down the property rollercoaster and now riding the wave of entrepreneurial success means that she has a story to tell. One that most women will relate to in some way. Confidence starts from within. Taking the first step on any journey in life is always the hardest yet undoubtedly the most important.

The Fit Investor prepares you to step up to a new level of success and financial independence through property investing. Be prepared emotionally, mentally and financially for the life you’re striving for.

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  • "OMG. I've finished reading your eBook and it is AWESOME!
    I was seriously blown away by it.
    You have managed to make budgeting super classy and more importantly inviting!!"

  • "I just finished reading your book and its was GREAT!
    Thank you so much for the practical and helpful information.
    I have already begun using some of the information to
    take my head out of the sand and finally take control of my finances"

The Secret to Getting Ahead is Getting Started
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